How will 3D AOI Increase producing Quality?

AOI and producing Quality 
PCB suppliers within the automotive area square measure immensely fast their time to plug by victimization automatic optical scrutiny (AOI) systems throughout PCB assembly. However, this next-generation technique isn't restricted in scope to the automotive business - it's powerful implications for the whole PCB business.

What is 3D AOI? 
To best perceive the advantages that 3D AOI offers, it's helpful to check it to its forerunner, 2D AOI. within the past, automatic optical scrutiny processes allowed natural philosophy makers to spot craftsmanship defects and alternative problems throughout the ultimate stages of PCB assembly.

In a typical AOI setting, a top-mounted camera takes exactly measured pictures of finished circuit boards and compares the results to a extremely careful schematic file. Parameter variations that pass an explicit threshold get flagged, and a person's operator inspects the merchandise in question.

The event of this method is that human operators not got to manually verify each parameter of a finished circuit card - for contemporary PCBs, that may take so much too long. Now, atiny low team of operators will verify a awfully giant volume of PCBs and discover the defective ones with nice accuracy.

3D AOI builds on this premise by victimization 2 cameras to develop a three-dimensional image of the PCB. this enables the AOI method to verify smaller elements than ever before. In some cases, the addition of a side-mounted stereo camera set lets the optical image technology build a whole render of the PCB, leaving new exactitude and internal control.
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